THE THREAT: There are villainous monsters, mutants, freaks, and warped masterminds in the world, beyond the ability of conventional police forces to deal with.


THE SOLUTION: Recruit your own monsters, mutants, freaks, and warped masterminds, and give them warrant cards.


Every large urban centre has its own Special Talents Response Team, a small cadre of unusual personalities with unusual abilities.


Manchester's is the infamous GOON SQUAD, a team that has been operating continuously since the 1940s. Based in the heart of the city, their brief is to deal with threats ranging from the slightly odd to the very strange indeed.


Join the GOON SQUAD as they bring law and a degree of order to a city under siege from the forces of weirdness.


GOON SQUAD is a "prose comic," an ongoing episodic story that unfolds in handy monthly issues.


GOON SQUAD Issue #12


"The End of the Year Show"


Nadiya Kysla aka PUPPET GIRL approaches the end of her first year with the GOON SQUAD. In that time she has fought organised crime, nearly died at the hands of an angel, faced off against an ancient serial killer, and found real friends, even if one’s a corpse, one’s a werewolf, and one’s a robot.


Now, as that year draws to a close, we follow her and her colleagues as she comes to comprehend the scope of her amazing abilities better, but also as she begins to understand the reasons behind tensions within the Squad. There is unfinished business to attend to, and dark times are approaching. Join the GOON SQUAD as there are revelations, dangers and wonders, plus the threat of a mass human sacrifice ruining their evening viewing in THE END OF THE YEAR SHOW.