THE THREAT: There are villainous monsters, mutants, freaks, and warped masterminds in the world, beyond the ability of conventional police forces to deal with.


THE SOLUTION: Recruit your own monsters, mutants, freaks, and warped masterminds, and give them warrant cards.


Every large urban centre has its own Special Talents Response Team, a small cadre of unusual personalities with unusual abilities.


Manchester's is the infamous GOON SQUAD, a team that has been operating continuously since the 1940s. Based in the heart of the city, their brief is to deal with threats ranging from the slightly odd to the very strange indeed.


Join the GOON SQUAD as they bring law and a degree of order to a city under siege from the forces of weirdness.


GOON SQUAD is a "prose comic," an ongoing episodic story that unfolds in handy monthly issues.




"The New Girl."


Nadiya Kysla has made mistakes in her past; large-scale, very public mistakes that ended with her losing her liberty.


She's not like that now, though. Now she just wants a quiet life. When trouble comes to her, however, it starts a chain of events that mean she will once more adopt a persona she thought she would never again assume -- the infamous Puppet Girl. But can the notorious art terrorist ever leave her past behind to become a hero of today?